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The Sunshine State has lost a ray of sunlight. On Saturday, July 25th, Harold Bruce, at age 54, lost his battle to brain cancer. Bruce was not only an animal lover, but cared for everyone.

Bruce was exquisitely charismatic, and people were naturally drawn to his effervescence. As a well-respected sponsor of Pet Haven Rescue and other animal-related organizations, Bruce was a born leader and knew how to get things done rapidly and masterfully.

Pet Haven Rescue, family, friends grieves the loss of such a great man. He founded, Equestrian Footings and Services, Inc., who was extraordinarily active in saving many lives. And he did it as any quintessential gentleman would do, with no thought for himself and always staying positive.

Spread your wings and fly Bruce... Heaven has gained an Angel!

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About Pet Haven Rescue

Pet Haven Rescue is committed to help abolish the suffering, neglect, and overpopulation of animals. It is our strong belief that quality of animal care should come before quantity. We are advocates against hoarders and irresponsible rescue practices that cause more stress and anguish to these delicate creatures. Our cage-free concept reduces stress and cage rage in shelter settings, making them more adoptable. We will continue converting one shelter at a time!

Additionally, we stand against puppy mills and make it a priority to stay engaged in laws and legislation that actively help change the lives of animals everywhere!

We will not stop, we will never give up, we will continue to Educate, Renovate, and Rehabilitate.

A name you can trust, Pet Haven Rescue is operated by Carole Chapuis and has a successful track record of saving thousands of animals of all shapes and sizes.
The Pet Haven Rescue Adoption Bus

The Pet Haven Rescue Adoption Bus



Carole Chapuis is cleaning up South Florida’s pet overpopulation problem one scoop at a time.

Owning and operating a cage free animal shelter has its fair share of drama. From preventing dog fights, to behavior modification, Carole Chapuis has her hands full. But this tough-as-nails animal lover is not stopping there. She’s hitting the road in her pimped out RV to convert shelters across the country to cage free living. With over 20 years of experience rescuing and rehabilitating animals and with the help of her contractor husband, she’s the perfect fit for the job. Even the most aggressive dogs are no match for her as she breaks down the barriers and teaches both dogs and humans what it means to live cage free. Join the pack and watch as she educates and renovates. It’s non-stop action in this new reality series that will have you begging for more. Unleashed, uncaged, and uninhibited.

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